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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Pressed points?

You will earn 1 Pressed point for every dollar spent in any of our stores. Keep an eye out for special promotions when you can earn double points for every dollar spent!

How can I redeem my points for free juice or freeze?

Our team members will let you know as soon as you have earned enough points for a free juice or freeze. When you would like to redeem your points, let one of our team members know and they will deduct your free product from your purchase.

How do I maintain my membership status?

When you earn a membership status, you will lock in that status for the remainder of the current year, and one entire year after. You will have that time to requalify for your membership status by earning the required number of points.

How do I earn a higher membership status?

The more money you spend, the more points you earn and the higher membership status you will achieve! We track your points in your account and will always let you know how many points you are away from achieving the next membership status.

Do I have to carry a membership card?

No! Your email address links your account and we can easily look you up at the store with you email or phone number.

Is there a membership fee to join Pressed Rewards?

No! The rewards program is completely free for anyone to join.

Do I get to choose when I redeem my free juice or freeze? I want to save my rewards and don’t want my points to automatically deduct when I am not expecting it.

Yes, we will never deduct a purchase without asking you if you would like to use your points to redeem a free juice or freeze.

Is there a limit to how many free rewards I can have at any given time?

No, you can continue to earn free rewards until you choose to redeem them.

Can I earn points at all Pressed Juicery locations?

Absolutely! Your account is inked to every Pressed Juicery store. You can earn and redeem points at any Pressed Juicery location!

Why do I have to provide an email address?

The email address links to your unique account and is required for registration. You are always welcome to manage your email preferences so you do not receive any promotional messages.

Do points expire?

No, your points will stay on your account until you are ready to use them.

How does Pressed Juicery manage personal information?

We never share personal information with anyone. All of your account information stays strictly in the Pressed Juicery system.

If I purchase both online and in store, will my points be combined?

We unfortunately are not able to combine points earned in store and online at this time. We're building the integration to do so and will announce this capability as soon as it's ready for launch.

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