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    Isn't it true that our bodies are capable of cleansing naturally? If so, why should I partake in the cleansing trend?Q
    It is definitely true to say that our bodies cleanse naturally and constantly. We like to think of our cleanse program as an occasional way to pause and reflect from hectic normal life routines—and to take a dietary choice with us. Historically cleansing was a way to bring balance back into people's lives. So, while it is only being incorporated into dietary practices in the past few years by the masses, cleansing is certainly not a trend.A
    Who should cleanse?Q
    In our minds, adults can benefit from a cleanse program as a regular part of their lifestyle regimen but no more than once a month. Whether you are a stressed out workaholic or a stay-at-home mom, the truth is that life is no longer as simple as it once was. We are all busy and struggle to find time for ourselves and often our health suffers as a result. Pressed Juicery cleanse programs are designed for adults to enjoy, even those of you who are lactose-intolerant and keep a vegetarian or gluten-free diet. Children under 18 should not participate in our cleansing program. **Please keep in mind that our cleanse programs are NOT appropriate for those of you who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from certain medical conditions. Consult your health care provider before starting a cleanse program if you have a medical condition or take medications. Please see questions 3 & 4 for more information. A
    What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?Q
    Our cleanse programs are designed for all healthy people; however, there are certain individuals who should not partake. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not restrict your diet to liquids, as you need extra calories and nutrients in your diet. Consult your health care professional if our drinks are right for you.A
    How many Calories are in your juices?Q
    Although we don't believe in calorie counting, we know it is a constant concern for many individuals. Please don't think of our cleanse programs as a weight reduction diet; we want to get you out of that mentality and into an understanding that our drinks, including our fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, give you increased water intake, soulful energy and optimal nourishment. That being said, most of our drinks range from 50-300 calories per bottle. A
    Will I really be able to handle a cleanse?Q
    While committing to a cleanse program requires a level of dedication, it is not designed in any way to starve you. The goal is to feed you through highly nutritious liquids. At Pressed, our programs are perfectly workable with your daily schedule- we are not talking about a master cleanse here. You will benefit from the effects of our citrus drinks and green juices, and get an added boost of vitamins from our root- and almond-based drinks. If at any point you find yourself needing a bit more, read our “During” the cleanse section for ideas. Believe in yourself. Although this is a departure from the ways you are used to feeding yourself, you will be thankful you did it. And don't forget that you can always call or email us for support. A
    Am I going to lose weight on a cleanse?Q
    The answer to this is variable. Your body knows what to do, so trust it. We try not to focus on weight loss as a goal at Pressed, but we understand that it is important to a lot of people. You might also find that the cleanse actually prompts your body to re-balance itself.A
    How does your juicer work?Q
    What is the difference between a "hydraulic press" and a regular juicer? At Pressed, all of our fresh produce drinks are produced using the highest quality juice press that exists. As opposed to a normal "centrifugal" juicer which takes a whole fruit or vegetable and squeezes out the juice, a hydraulic press actually grinds the produce wholly into a fine pulp, after which it applies thousands of pounds of pressure to this pulp, extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable can possibly yield. The results are nutritious, smooth-tasting juices. The gentle pressing action allows for little to no air to be introduced into the juice, and because of this each bottle can be kept in sealed, refrigerated containers for up to 3 days with little loss of taste, nutrients, or color.A
    Are the juices definitely fresh upon delivery?Q
    How do I store them? Your juices will be delivered straight to your doorstep in a recyclable cooler with ice packs. Just take them out of the cooler and put them straight into your fridge. We produce every juice to order each morning, ensuring freshness and quality.A
    Can I add extra beverages to my day of cleansing?Q
    We are totally for adding extra drinks if you feel you are in over your head with just 5 drinks and 1 almond drink per day, but make sure they are healthy! Stay away from carbonated drinks, especially soda, please! You are more than welcome to add extra doses of water with lemon and herbal teas. And if you would like to order extra juices from our site to keep on hand for emergencies, feel free to go ahead and do so. A
    Can I exercise while on a cleanse?Q
    Definitely, just try to be gentle with yourself. You are still getting nutrition, but it is wise to beware of lower volume of foods. You will most likely find that you have lots of energy and if you so desire, go for a light jog or power walk around the neighborhood. Otherwise it's always a great idea to stick to yoga or pilates for that added effect of intense breathing to help you maximize your cleanse. A
    Can I do work on a cleanse? What if I have to focus on important meetings?Q
    There is a big misconception that you will spend the entirety of your cleanse program in a brain fog. Fortunately, it's simply not true. So don't worry about work, just go on with your normal life. Remember that your body and mind are getting nourishment with your day’s intake already planned out leaving you with less focus on where or how you are getting your next meals. Just try to stay away from the donuts and coffee in the conference room!A
    How do I break the cleanse?Q
    Please refer to our "How It Works" section for everything you need to know in order to prepare for your cleanse program and break from your cleanse, and even tips to maximize the benefits during the process. A
    Where is your production facility?Q
    Our juices are produced in our juicing facility in the Central Valley of California. A
    I want to get regular juice deliveries to my house. Is this possible?Q
    Absolutely! We like to think of ourselves as the modern (dairy-free!) milkman. We are here to bring fresh drinks straight to your doorstep as often as you would like. In order to make it easy on you, we provide packages (please see our products section) which allow you to set up multiple deliveries each week for a set price. We love to see our clients make fresh pressed juices and drinks a regular part of their life.A
    Should I do a 3-day cleanse or a 5-day cleanse?Q
    This depends on what you would like to get out of the cleanse program. Cleansing for 5 days is a deeper, more intense experience than cleansing for 3 days. It's up to you and a health care professional to do an evaluation of where you are in your life and from there decide what works best for you. You always want to plan your cleanse for a period of time where you have some flexibility in your schedule and can make your body your top priority. Of course, you can always customize the program to last even longer than 5 days if you so desire. Listen to your body. If you are inexperienced, we recommend starting with our Cleanse 1 program for 3 days. You can always move up in your level, it is all about where you are when you are ready to embark on the experience.A
    How often can I cleanse?Q
    This is a personal decision that should be discussed with a health care professional. Many people like to cleanse whenever they start to feel seasonal health challenges. This can mean anywhere from once a month to once every three to six months. However, we advocate making PRESSED juices and drinks a part of your daily life, whether you are cleansing or not. Consuming the nutrients in our fresh-pressed drinks on a regular basis will support your system and keep your body in optimal shape, inside and out.A