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    Which cleanse is right for you?

    Do you eat green vegetables with less than 1 meal each day?

    15 questions left

    Do you eat less than 2 servings of fruit each day?

    14 questions left

    Do you consume more than 5 alcoholic beverages every week (i.e. a glass of wine, or a mixed drink)?

    13 questions left

    Do you smoke?

    12 questions left

    Would this be the first time you’ve done a 3-5 day juice/raw food cleanse?

    11 questions left

    Are your main sources of protein animal based (fish, poultry, beef, dairy, eggs)?

    10 questions left

    Do you consume “white foods,” such as unrefined sugars or flours (in bread, pasta, cookies, crackers) at least 3 times a week?

    09 questions left

    Do you drink less than 8 glasses of water per day?

    08 questions left

    Do you exercise less than three times per week?

    07 questions left

    Do you consume packaged, restaurant, or take-out meals more often than homemade meals?

    06 questions left

    Do you use artificial sweeteners or white sugar?

    05 questions left

    Do you drink caffeinated drinks regularly?

    04 questions left

    Do your meals regularly consist of combining animal products with starch foods (i.e. pasta with chicken; meat with potatoes)?

    03 questions left

    Do you normally need a packaged snack like an energy or candy bar to get you through the afternoon?

    02 questions left

    Do your main sources of fruits and vegetables come from processed “foods” (i.e. fruit snacks, tomato sauce, frozen fruit desserts, pizzas) or as a compliment to a burger or sandwich (pickles, iceberg lettuce, ketchup, onion)?

    01 questions left