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I have historically been a random juice shopper in the supermarkets but never been able to sustain a regular stock of juices for me and my family to drink. Thankfully the arrival of the Pressed Juicery means that I now have a fridge that contains a variety of juices which we all love and drink regularly. I buy the cleanse and detox juices and have them delivered and I am thrilled by the quality, effectiveness, variety and nutritional content of the juices. i can't rate the products highly enough and the fact that they are delivered to me at the salon makes my life simple. I am a complete worshipper of the products that Pressed Juicery offers and have recommended the company and their products to all my friends who are avidly buying them too. Good luck to this innovative and inspirational company I hope they go from success to success.

Pressed Juicery has been a great addition to my life! It tastes so good that I literally crave it! I buy several bottles at a time so that my refrigerator is always stocked and I drink it on a daily basis as an easy way to get my daily dose of veggies and fruits. It has become my kids' after school snack of choice, which is obviously fantastic!

My very health conscious friend took me here today and they were nice enough to let us try all a few juices before we decided what we would buy. I ended up with the Apple Lemon and Extra Ginger, it is serious stuff but seriously delicious. I also got the Detox 2 which is even better! I highly recommend this to anyone!

After trying every cleanse and detox under the sun, i have to say Pressed Juicery's left me feeling the cleanest, leanest, and most satisfied of them all. I can't believe I dropped 3 pounds in 3 days!

My boyfriend and I decided to do a Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time doing any sort of detox program, and we were both a little nervous. By day 2, though, we knew we had made a great decision. We both felt invigorated and refreshed, and the best part was not having to cook or pay for meals at restaurants for 3 days. It saved us so much time and money in the end, and we could relax and just enjoy the benefits. We plan to do a Pressed cleanse every 3-4 months.

While I do my best to nourish myself and my family with nutritious choices, I often find it so confusing and difficult to navigate the ever-evolving world of health food trends and diets. Pressed Juicery keeps it simple. It has been so wonderful to have access to pure, organic juice that I can rely on for days at a time if I'm busy or need a break. I also love serving it to my family on a daily basis. My 5 year old absolutely loves the almond milk and so does my husband!!

How do they make green juice taste that good??

My juices arrived as scheduled and tasted amazing. I am already recommending this Cleanse to my friends and will be ordering again!

They're like the modern day milk man but with juice-- its amazing!

I've been drinking Pressed's juices for almost a year, and I absolutely love them! My favorite is Greens 2, and I absolutely love it because I know all of the vegetables in it are good for me, yet it has apple as well which adds the perfect amount of sweetness. They've expanded their variety of drinks vastly over the last few months, and the flavors just got better and better!

Pressed Juicery makes cleansing convenient, affordable, and tasty. I have never had success trying a juice cleanse on my own, but the staff at the Brentwood Pressed Juicery location helped me select the juices that fit my taste and now I am a repeat customer. The selection is great and I love knowing that everything is made fresh and so beneficial to my health.

I always steered away from natural juices and smoothies because of their texture and taste. But PRESSED has changed my mind completely. Especially their Pineapple Pear Ginger Mint. Life-changing!!!

I was a little concerned about getting the juices from so far away, but I was surprised by how cold they arrived! I really enjoyed the juices, especially Greens 2. The cleanse was amazing; I feel great and my skin is glowing. I thought I would be hungry, but I was satisfied during the entire cleanse! I would definitely do this cleanse again.

I don't know what I would do without Pressed Juicery. Since I started drinking their juice I have more energy, my skin is clearer, and my digestion is better. They have truly made a difference in my health, and I love how they taste. I think I'm addicted!

I love Greens 2 not only because it tastes super delicious, I know I'm receiving high amounts of nutritionally dense greens. Thanks Pressed!

Pressed Juicery is my preferred destination for fresh, local, organic juice! Even if you don't live in the vicinity, it is absolutely worth the trip (plus they validate for parking). My 2 favorite juices are Greens 1 and the Almond Milk: both are not to be missed!!

The Almond milk is simply divine! It's like drinking a healthy milkshake (without the heaviness and calories of ice-cream!) The sea-salt subtly enhances the flavor of the almond milk (filtered water, almonds) and tempers the sweetness of the dates. Whatever dates they use are amazing!

Knowledgeable staff, delicious, cold-pressed juices (made on a hydraulic press, which retains more of the nutrients and minerals than regular store-bought juice), an adorable sign with the daily menu and a super cute stand, from where you order your drinks (and samples!)- what's not to like?

I don't drink coffee, but I love starting my day with a delicious pick-me-up, so Pressed Juicery is the best! My favorite flavor is the Pineapple Pear Ginger Mint - it's so refreshing.

My coworker brings me a Pressed Juicery every once in a while as a surprise. It's the highlight of my week!

Pressed Juicery has such a great variety of juices and cleanses that it makes it easy (and delicious) to be healthy!

I am obsessed with Pressed! I love running there and grabbing a juice as a treat. I feel so healthy and satisfied after drinking one of the Pressed juices. The blueberry coconut pear is my favorite!

I love PRESSED Juices because they offer unique pairings that not only taste great but are beneficial for my body and fulfill all types of cravings. My favorite is Carrot/Coconut!

Pressed Juice is really refreshing and makes you feel energized and healthy. It's a great way to drink all of your daily fruits and veggies!

These juices are f*uckin awesome!

Having never done anything like this, I was skeptical at first when a couple friends told me they were doing it for the first time. But, the idea stuck in my mind, and the longer I thought about it, the more appealing it became. I did the 3-day cleanse, and am so pleased for a number of reasons that I decided to do it. We picked up our juices at the location in Brentwood and had excellent customer service. We were able to sample a bunch of different juices, which I think made all the difference in the overall experience. The selection of ingredients and flavors is also incredible. I am also very pleased to have done the cleanse simply because it was a test on my commitment. I think it's good for even those of us who live very healthy lives on a day-to-day basis to occasionally make a significant change to our daily routines, and realize that it may not be easy, but it is definitely not out the realm of possibility...and in my case, has left me feeling healthier and more fit that I did before I started! I will definitely be incorporating Pressed Juicery into my normal routine from now on!

My girlfriend had been raving about Pressed and I finally got a chance to go. The juices I had (almond milk and blueberry coconut pear) were absolutely great. They manage to be truly delicious while also leaving you feeling healthy. It's unlike any other juice I've tried before.

I found out Pressed was opening near the Brentwood Country Mart and was counting down until I could try all of the great juices. Ever since their opening I swing by pressed to get my daily juice fix. I LOVE watermelon mint!

I really enjoyed your cleanse! It was the best I have ever done!

Pressed Juicery juices are so amazing!! I've given up soda for the pineapple pear mint & I've given up ice cream for the Almond Milk blended with ice. It's sooo yummy! Thank you Pressed Juicery for making it easy for me to make healthier choices!! Love you guys! Can't wait till your juices are EVERYWHERE!!

No matter how hard you partied. No matter what you ate that you know you shouldn't have. Pressed Juicery always has something delicious to fix you all up!!

The juices are really fresh. I especially like the watermelon flavor. Hope to see your products in more stores!

Fresh, Delicious, Natural, Pure, Rejuvenating...The only bad part about the juice's from Pressed Juicery is when the bottle is finished! No matter which particular juice you choose from the deliciously genius variety, you certainly will not be disappointed! The flavor and pure freshness is unmatched! We can't wait for our next bottle!

Naturally refreshing and healthy from an easy to understand formula.

Visit Pressed Juicery for some awesome and amazing healthy Juices and cleanse that body clean! Try GREENS 2! It's got Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Pasrley, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, and Lemon, and It's seriously de-lish! Happy Juicing!

Yes! I go probably once a week for a snack/lunch break. #healthyguiltypleasure

We did it! 3 days of cleansing with @PressedJuicery and feeling energized and refreshed!! Recommend to everyone!

Just wanted to say THANK U!! My hubs just completed his 3 day detox & did GREAT!! He lost 6 lbs without being cranky OR hungry! (I braced myself for the WORST!) ha He's transitioning to a healthier lifestyle & diet & wanted to kick it off with ur juice fast. He couldn't have made a wiser choice. Thank you for all the lives that you enrich everyday!! What a blessing you are!!! :-)

My favorite cleanse is from Pressed Juicery. Their juices are DE-licious and they ship to anywhere in the U.S. if you're not in L.A. Love, love, love that Detox 2! It's made with pineapple, green apple and mint.

Just got a banana almond base and apple cinnamon juice smoothie at PressedJuicery and it was DELISH! Perfect pick me up

Detoxing today with my fave juices from PressedJuicery. Thank god there's one right by the office and my house.

Dear PressedJuicery , ur Coconut Cinnamon is freaking AMAZING. Thank you. Xo

Your JUICE has changed my marriage; my life. I decided to "juice" for overall health and to jumpstart weight loss. The first two days were, for loss of a better word, hell. My husband was ready to ditch me at the next greens 2. But I stuck it out and turned him to the "juice." Jump forward 2 months... He's given up coffee for greens2 to jump start his day, roots, and all the others have helped us change our lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!

Just came off of your Detox Cleanse and feel like a new person. It was the easiest cleanse I've ever been on. No cravings, no hunger pains, no loss of energy and the almond milk drink at the end of the day was like a lovely dessert! With all the time I saved cooking, and juicing myself, I was inspired to clean out my closets! "Purge" was the theme this week and I feel so much lighter on my feet. Thanks!