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Our Story

In the summer of 2010, three friends came together, each on their own personal journey towards health and well-being. Each had experienced their own detours and bumps along the road, but one powerful thing connected them together: juice

Carly, Hedi, & Hayden had all been positively impacted by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing into their lives. And they wanted to share what they had discovered. Because they believed that the real secret to a healthy and happy life shouldn't be a secret at all.

Our founders created Pressed Juicery with one goal in mind, to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to everyone. They did it by doing things that many health and wellness companies often forget:

Make it taste great. Make it simple.
Make it affordable. Make it for everyone.

Our Humble Beginnings

We started small, juicing every night and selling bottles out of our tiny Brentwood storefront in West LA. Over time we opened a few more shops, bought a truck, and every day helped more people find balance by adding this simple, easy step to their lives.

Our first three stores, left to right: Brentwood (opened 2010), The Juice Truck (opened 2010), West Hollywood (opened 2011)

California's Leading Cold-pressed Juice Chain

Today we are California's leading cold-pressed juicery chain, selling thousands of bottles every day in our Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. We ship our delicious juices and customizable cleanse programs nationwide, delivering the benefits of nutritious cold-pressed juice to your door. And we're popping up in more locations every day.

Juicing has changed our lives. We do it because of how good it makes us feel - because it gives us a lift, floods our body with vital nutrients, and tastes amazing. We hope our juice inspires you and gives you the momentum you need to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. We know it has for us.

Our Founders

Carly de Castro: Letting go of yo-yo diets and rigid fitness routines, Carly discovered a more positive and balanced life through juicing. After losing her mom to cancer, Carly moved back home to Los Angeles and envisioned a business that would make nutrient-rich juice more accessible to all, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

Hayden Slater: A former fast food junkie, Hayden transformed his entire life by introducing juice into his diet, and has since lost over 60 lbs. Now feeling and living his best, Hayden has set a personal mission to promote health and healing to everyone, one juice at a time.

Hedi Gores: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hedi has always strived to live a healthy lifestyle. But it was her role as a mom that led her to co-founding Pressed. Pursuing her passion, Hedi set out to create a place where people, especially kids, could incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lives.