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  • the essential summerland recipe box All the fresh local produce & ingredients you need for 3 days to help you stay on track and live well. $75

    DESCRIPTIONFor the first time, we’ve teamed up with Summerland - Farm To Front Door to design a new kind of recipe box. Each box contains 3 exclusive meal recipes from our book JUICE, plus all of the fresh, local produce and ingredients you need for to help you stay happy and healthy.

    OUR MISSIONAt Pressed, we always aim to make it convenient and easy for you to make healthy choices, and we’re making it as simple as possible to live well.

    EASY, QUICK & HEALTHY Everything you need to whip up our three exclusive recipes from JUICE to help you stay balanced and healthy.
    THE BIG, GREEN DETOX SALAD Colorful, crunchy, hydrating and loaded with nutrition, every ingredient in this salad will help your body cleanse from the inside out.
    CAULIFLOWER TABBOULEH Mineral-rich and detoxifying parsley is the star of this gluten-free tabbouleh made using grated cauliflower and fresh mint.
    WARM QUINOA WITH VEGETABLES Tiny seeds of warm quinoa are bouncy, fluffly and a little nutty tasting - a perfect match for the crunch of all the vegatables in this dish.
    what's in the box Fresh farm-to-table ingredients including fruits, veggies from more!
    • 3 exclusive, healthy recipes from our book JUICE for 3 days
    • High-quality, organic produce curated from local farms to make 4-6 servings of each recipe - so your whole family can enjoy them!
    • 1 Tin of Maldon salt
    • Locally-sourced olive oil
    • Zursun Global Grains quinoa
    • A list of the farms your ingredients were sourced from - so you know exactly what you’re your eating.